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The Mushroom project was practically initiated in Hwedza and Buhera in 1998 after thorough consultations among all the stakeholders (UZ, SIRDC, BTZ, AREX, andf armers). This manual is a result of some of the experiences encountered during them ushroom project lifespan (1998-2002). The manual is intended for all those who are interested in cultivating oyster mushrooms. If one is only interested in starting to cultivate oyster mushrooms right away then one can concentrate on chapters 4 and 5. The other chapters can be read by one who is already cultivating oyster mushrooms. A bonus section on spawn production has been included and a brief section on button mushrooms has also been included.

The authors hope that this manual shall not only provide pleasant reading but also practical knowledge which can be used by the purchaser of this manual in preparing oyster mushroom recipes.


What are the materials required for oyster mushroom cultivation?

Preparing Soil for Mushroom Cultivations

What are the problems of subsistence farming?