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Food Service Supervisor Needed In Canada By Luxury Hotels International of Canada

We are seeking out for a detail-oriented and spurred Nourishment Benefit Administrator who will be capable for administering the every day nourishment benefit activities, maintaining quality measures, and driving a group to supply remarkable benefit to our benefactors.

Work points of interest

  • Area: Victoria, BC
  • Compensation: 22.22 hourly / 40 hours per week
  • Terms of work Lasting work: Full time
  • Begin date: Begins as before long as conceivable
  • Opening 1 Confirmed




  • Auxiliary (tall) school graduation certificate
  • 1 year to less than 2 a long time


  • Administer and arrange nourishment benefit exercises, counting feast planning, serving, and client benefit, to guarantee effectiveness and quality benchmarks are met.
  • Prepare, plan, and oversee the work of nourishment benefit staff, giving direction and bolster to preserve a positive work environment.
    Guarantee compliance with nourishment security and sanitation benchmarks, wellbeing directions, and proper handling of nourishment items.
  • Screen stock levels, put orders for supplies, and oversee stock to play down squander and guarantee accessibility of vital things.
    Handle client request, complaints, and criticism promptly and professionally, guaranteeing a tall level of client fulfillment.
  • Collaborate with kitchen staff, administration, and other divisions to guarantee consistent operations and uncommon feasting encounters.
  • Conduct regular reviews to guarantee cleanliness, cleanliness, and security guidelines are kept up in nourishment arrangement and benefit regions.


  • Demonstrated involvement in a nourishment benefit or supervisory part inside the neighborliness industry.
  • Fabulous information of nourishment security directions, sanitation rules, and legitimate nourishment dealing with strategies.
  • Solid administration and organizational aptitudes with the capacity to persuade and oversee a group viably.
  • Remarkable client benefit and communication capacities.
  • Adaptability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle different assignments at the same time.
  • Capacity to work shifts, ends of the week, and occasions as required.
  • Certification in nourishment security or neighborliness administration could be a additionally.


  • Build up strategies to meet work plans
  • Administer and co-ordinate exercises of staff who get ready and parcel nourishment
  • Prepare staff in work obligations, sanitation and security strategies
  • Assess and order ingredients and supplies
  • Enlist nourishment benefit staff
  • Guarantee nourishment benefit and quality control
  • Keep up records of stock, repairs, deals and wastage
  • Set up work plans

Who can apply to this work?

As it were apply to this work in case:

  • You’re a Canadian citizen, a lasting or a temporary inhabitant of Canada.
  • You’ve got a substantial Canadian work allow.
  • If you’re not authorized to work in Canada, don’t apply. The manager will not react to your application.

How to apply

By e-mail
[email protected]

By mail
100 Harbor RoadVictoria, BCV9A 0G1

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Here are a few habitually inquired questions to assist you pick up distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved”>an improved understanding of this Nourishment service supervisor:

  • What does a Nourishment Benefit Boss do? Food Benefit Administrators oversee and arrange nourishment benefit exercises in eateries, cafeterias, lodgings, or other nourishment foundations. They direct staff, guarantee nourishment quality, and keep up benefit measures.
  • What are the essential duties of a Food Benefit Boss? Their duties incorporate administering staff, organizing shifts, guaranteeing adherence to nourishment security directions, overseeing stock, dealing with client request, and keeping up a tall level of client benefit.
  • What abilities are fundamental for a fruitful Nourishment Benefit Boss? Fundamental aptitudes include strong leadership, viable communication, problem-solving capacities, organization, consideration to detail, information of nourishment security controls, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • What errands are typically performed by a Nourishment Benefit Administrator? Nourishment Benefit Bosses manage food preparation, guarantee appropriate parcel control and introduction, manage inventory, prepare and plan staff, handle client complaints, and screen the cleanliness of the feasting zone.
  • How does a Nourishment Benefit Boss contribute to the victory of a nourishment foundation? They contribute by keeping up tall measures of benefit, guaranteeing client fulfillment, optimizing operational efficiency, and cultivating a positive work environment among staff.
    What challenges might a Nourishment Benefit Boss confront in their part? Challenges may incorporate overseeing a differing group, taking care of unforeseen circumstances amid active periods, keeping up consistency in nourishment quality, and ensuring compliance with wellbeing and security directions.
  • What apparatuses or technologies are commonly utilized by Nourishment Benefit Administrators? They commonly utilize POS (Point of Deal) frameworks, stock administration computer program, planning devices, communication gadgets, and nourishment security observing frameworks to streamline operations.
  • What opportunities for career development exist for Nourishment Benefit Administrators? Experienced Nourishment Benefit Administrators can development to administrative parts, such as Nourishment Benefit Chief or Restaurant Manager positions, or investigate openings in neighborliness administration or nourishment benefit counseling.
  • What counsel would you grant to somebody yearning to be a Nourishment Benefit Supervisor? Gain involvement in various parts inside the nourishment industry, create administration skills, learn around nourishment security controls, and look for continuous learning openings to remain overhauled with industry patterns.