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How To Apply For Air Force ROTC Scholarship Program

Are you interested in the Air Force ROTC Scholarship?

More than often the cost of pursuing the University or college becomes an overwhelming financial burden.

All hands must therefore be on deck to help people alleviate their financial constraints, so they will study their favorite course without ever worrying to pay for anything.

The Air Force ROTC Scholarship exists to beat fear and pressure out of your chest which is why they are sponsoring qualifying students.

Once your scholarship gets approved you will enjoy focusing on study without ever paying for it.

It’s also worth noting that the annual book stipend is $900 per academic year, and guess what? The monthly stipend may continue to increase according to the individual’s student status.

  1. Freshman: $300
  2. Sophomore: $350
  3. Junior: $450
  4. Senior: $500
Scholarship AFROTC Scholarship Program
Discipline Any educational field
Award $900 per academic year
Contact +1-719-333-3562
Requirements U.S. CITIZENSHIP
Application Process Submitting the application online

AFROTC Scholarship Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Air Force AFROTC space is December 31, 2023.

Another application is more likely to roll out in January January 11, 2024. You are advised to apply as early as possible to avoid being rejected by the management.

These are some tips for applying for scholarships in General.

  • Apply Earlier; first to come first to serve, always consider it like that and you will find yourself needing to apply earlier.
  • Good Grade; Your GPA determines your good grade, GPA and Good grade are the two most important factors that you should never ignore.
  • Write a strong Essay; if you are asked to write an essay please do write it very well and always remember to be honest and be you.

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Overview

We highly suggest learning more about the Air Force ROTC Scholarship from the official website of the Air Force.

The Air Force ROTC Scholarship will pay the full amount of the scholarship to the selected University or college on behalf of the beneficiary.

The beneficiary will receive a monthly living expense from the ROTC, However, the AFROTC doesn’t cover the room and board fees.

In an effort to help students and encourage them to keep their commitments towards achieving their goals, the AFROTC covers the TRAVEL EXPENSES.

The travel expenses will be disbursed approximately 30 days after the start of school.

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible for the Air Force ROTC Scholarship you need to meet the requirements set by its management.

  • Be a United States citizen, alternatively, you can obtain citizenship legally
  • Pass Medical Examination Review; qualifying applicants must be willing to pass a medical exam through Defense Medical Examination Review.
  • Academic requirements; SAT composite of 1240 or ACT composite of 26
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher, must be Cumulative and unweighted.
  • Fitness; there are some physical fitness assessments, keep in mind that you need to go through some events, such as push-ups, and crunches.

If offered the application you will do these things.

  • Enroll in the academic major
  • Summer field training will take a maximum of 13 days.
  • Willing to accept a commission as a space force
  • Complete General Military Course (GMC)

How To Apply For The Air Force ROTC Scholarship Program?

Here are the simple steps to apply for the Air Force ROTC Scholarship Program.

  • Visit the application page
  • Start the application by creating an account in the link above, make sure you create a WINGS account.
  • Log in using the details you signed up for and complete your profile
  • Now download the Counselor Certification Form from your profile and print it
  • Now you will be required to download the signed counselor certification form
  • Submit a copy of your official or unofficial high school transcript.
  • Provide your GPA in the required field, remember to fill it out manually
  • And finally, submit the application.

How To Check Your Air Force ROTC Scholarship Status?

To keep track of your application status is very simple, you will be notified via the email you used when signing up, and there you will see how to keep track of your application status.

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