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How To Apply For Arkwright Engineering Scholarship?

Are you an Engineering student looking for an opportunity to pursue your career in a unique University that supports your dream? Check the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is specifically designed for students like you. You can be one of the beneficiaries if approved.

Upon the approval of the scholarship application you will be rewarded with money. The reward can be used to cover expenses in your academic career.

However, I always advise people to make sure they read the scholarship criteria rules very well before they apply for it.

Key Information Of The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

Key Information Details
  • Be atleast 16-year-old students in Year 11 (England and Wales).
  • S4 (Scotland) or Year 12 (Northern Ireland).
  • Demonstrate a strong aptitude for STEM subjects. Your passion for engineering will matter a lot.
Application Process A rigorous five-stage selection process that assesses academic achievement. Problem-solving skills. Communication abilities. Teamwork potential. Leadership qualities.
Benefits Financial support of up to £6,000 per year to cover tuition fees. These fees can be used to cover books and other educational expenses.

You will also get access to mentorship from experienced engineers. That’s not all. There are exclusive events and networking opportunities with industry professionals. This will bring a vibrant community of Arkwright Scholars.

Value Over 6,000 scholarships have been awarded to date. The total of the rewards given with over £30 million in financial support. Remember all this was distributed to the aspiring engineers.
Impact Arkwright Scholars have made significant contributions to the engineering field. It holds leadership positions in top companies that conduct groundbreaking research. 

Scholarship Overview 

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is a prestigious engineering award given to talented students in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands. 

The scholarship was named after Sir Richard Arkwright. He is an industrialist and 18th-century inventor. Richard Arkwright is often credited for being one of the founding figures of the Industrial Revolution. 


Field Details
Level of Study Year 11 (aged 16).
Institution(s) Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.
Study in UK or Channel Islands.
Courses Offered STEM subjects at A level or equivalent.
Program Period 2 years.
Deadline N/A

Criteria And Requirements 

These are the criteria and requirements that every applicant must meet to be considered eligible.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Citizenship: Be a UK or Channel Islands citizen.
  2. Students should be at least (aged 16) at the time of application.
  3. Academic Background matters a lot. Applicants who plan to study STEM subjects at A level or equivalent qualifications.
  4. Demonstrate a strong passion for engineering. Desire to pursue a career in the field will make you a top-notch.
  5. Exhibit a good academic record with a consistent track record of achievement in STEM subjects.

How To Apply For Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Program?

Here is the Application Process:

  1. Your school must nominate you for the scholarship. Check your school’s STEM lead or careers advisor and confirm if they are nominating students this year.
  2. When you get nominated you may receive an email invitation to complete the online application form. The application opens in early November and closes in mid-December.
  3. Application Form: The application form will ask you about the following things.
    1. Academic Achievements.
    2. Extracurricular Activities.
    3. Engineering Interests.
    4. Aspirations. 

Prepare to provide a personal statement and two teacher references.

Refer to the scholarship page now and submit your application.

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