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How To Apply For VCCF Scholarship Program 

Are you here to learn more about the VCCF Scholarship Program? We have the information you are looking for.

Over 60% of students find it disturbing to pay for school fees due to financial challenges. So it’s not just you.

The sad reality is that some students are even giving up. And when they give up, we will have no hope of seeing changes in our community from their end.

But what can we do? The only solution we have is to give a scholarship program a try.

You can’t just stop trying out for scholarships because it’s competitive. Sometimes, you are one step away from getting your application approved.

Key Information Of The VCCF Scholarship Program 

Key Information Details
Eligibility Applicant must be a Graduating high school senior.
Scholarship Award Amount $600 – $1,000
Number of Awards 5
Application Deadline January 2024
Scholarship Website https://vccf.org/scholarships/: https://vccf.org/scholarships/
Additional Requirements Applicants are required to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA.
Selection Process A committee of community volunteers and scholarship donors reviews applications.

The committee may consider many factors to determine the winner.

These factors may include

  • Academic achievement 
  • Financial need 
  • Personal essays
  • Letters of recommendation.
Award Notification Recipients should expect notification about the status of their application in March 2024
Disbursement of Funds VCCF will disburse the award to the recipient’s college or university account.
Renewal Scholarships are renewable for up to three years.  

Scholarship Overview 

The VCCF Scholarship program provides financial assistance to Ventura County students pursuing higher education. 

Generous donors fund the scholarships to help remove barriers and expand access to education. 

Applicants are advised to be careful and note that their application will be reviewed by the volunteer selection committee manually.

You need to pass the review before the disbursement of the award to your college account.

Criteria and requirements 

Please pay attention to the criteria and requirements page.

  • Academic performance – High GPA based on official transcripts
  • Financial need – Tax returns required showing low family income
  • Enrollment status – Must be accepted/enrolled in college
  • Recommendations – 2 required, 1 from teacher/counselor
  • Activities – Extracurriculars not emphasized
  • Essays – Not required
  • Citizenship – Not mentioned, appears open to all

Application Process 

To apply for the VCCF Scholarship Program, you will need to prepare these documents.

  • Official high school transcripts showing GPA
  • 2 recommendation questionnaires, 1 from teacher/counselor
  • Tax documents verifying income/financial need
  • Account on the Academic Works portal
  • Completed general application form
  • Contact info, resume, ID/enrollment verification likely required

Now proceed to the application process, bb

  • Requesting and submitting official transcripts with your GPA
  • Ask 2 recommenders to fill out the questionnaire, 1 teacher/counselor
  • Create an account on the Academic Works portal
  • Review requirements for each scholarship
  • Complete general application with personal info, academics, finances
  • Supply tax documents showing financial need
  • Attend help sessions if needed

Once you applied, you will need to wait for the scholarship committee to review your application.

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