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Landscape Worker Needed In Canada By Natural Touch Landscape

We are seeking dynamic people who have a love for gardening and are dedicated to upholding and improving outdoor spaces.

Job Details

  • Where: St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Pay: 17.50 to 20.00 per hour (negotiable) / 80 to 85 hours per two weeks
  • Conditions of work Seasonality in work: Full time 7:30 am–17:30 pm
  • Date of start: begins as quickly as feasible
    Openings 1 Confirmed


  • Linguistics: English


  • Not a diploma, certificate, or degree

Will exercise

  • Outdoor
  • worksite
  • environment
  • Wet/misty
  • noisy
  • dusty
  • hot

work settings

  • landscaping company
  • Different places
  • upkeep of the landscape


  • Carry out a variety of landscaping chores, such as mowing the grass, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, and using pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Hand tools, trimmers, blowers, and lawn mowers are examples of landscaping equipment that you should use and maintain.
  • Carry out landscape care duties such mulching, trimming, weeding, and watering.
  • Help with the landscaping lighting and irrigation system installations.
    To guarantee that plants and other elements are positioned and arranged correctly, adhere to landscape plans and designs.
  • Raking leaves, clearing garbage, and keeping outside spaces clean are all part of the upkeep and cleaning process.
  • Respect safety procedures and make sure that everyone is working in a safe atmosphere.
    Conditions:Although it is not necessary, prior expertise in landscaping or a similar subject is appreciated; training will be given.
  • It helps to know about landscaping, gardening, and plant maintenance.
  • the capacity to safely and effectively operate and maintain landscaping equipment.
  • Physical endurance and the capacity to labour outside in a range of weather conditions.
  • strong work ethic, dependability, and meticulousness.
  • a readiness to obey directions and function well in a group.


  • Help in the development of landscapes
  • Pull weeds, trim, and shape plants and trees.
  • mowed grass
  • Rake and gather trash
  • Take out the trash and rubbish.
  • Move and distribute topsoil and additional goods.
  • Plant seeds or sod
  • Plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and bulbs.
  • Utilize and maintain machinery for landscape upkeep.

Experience and specialization

  • A chainsaw
  • little engine machinery
  • grass cutter
  • Tractor mower
  • Edger/weed trimmer

Additional information

  • Quick-paced setting
  • Perform under duress
  • strict timeframes
  • routine duties
  • Handling heavy loads
  • arduous physically
  • manual agility
  • Observation of detail
  • Optical synchronization
  • the capacity to differentiate
  • between colors
  • a mix of standing, sitting, and walking
  • Marching
  • stooping, squatting, or kneeling

Own instruments or gear

  • steel-toed boots for safety
  • Safety eyewear or goggles
  • The earplugs
  • Individual suitability
  • customer attention
  • dependableness
  • Effective social abilities
  • Adaptability
  • Arrangement
  • Dependability
  • group member

To whom is this job open?

Apply for this position only if:

  • You either live in Canada permanently or temporarily, or you are a citizen of Canada.
  • Your work permit for Canada is still valid.
  • Please do not apply if you are not allowed to work in Canada. Your application will not be answered by the employer.

How to utilize

via [email protected] email

There are screening questions in this job posting. In your application, please respond to the following questions:

  • Do you now live close to the address that was posted?

advertised until

  • December 4, 2023

The following commonly asked questions should help you learn more about this landscape worker:

What is the job of a landscape laborer?

  • Landscape workers are in charge of keeping outside spaces maintained by doing things like planting, mowing, pruning, watering, fertilizing, and making sure the landscapes are visually appealing and healthy overall.
  • What are the main duties performed by a landscape laborer? Their duties including tending to lawns, maintaining plants, maintaining irrigation systems, controlling weeds, pruning, mulching, and putting landscape ideas into action to improve the aesthetics of outdoor areas.
  • What abilities and traits are necessary for a landscape worker to succeed? Horticultural expertise, physical stamina, experience with landscaping tools and equipment, attention to detail, time management, and the capacity to work outside in a variety of conditions are all necessary.
  • What kind of jobs does a landscape worker usually perform? In addition to mowing lawns and planting flowers and shrubs, landscape workers also administer pesticides and fertilizers, trim hedges, rake leaves, and maintain irrigation systems.
  • What role does a landscape worker play in upkeep and beauty of the outdoors? They make a difference by keeping aesthetically pleasing outside areas, reducing weed development, maintaining healthy lawns and plants, and making sure that water is managed properly for plant health.
  • What kinds of obstacles may a landscape worker encounter at work? Working in adverse weather, operating heavy machinery, efficiently managing time to fulfill deadlines, and adjusting to the shifting requirements of various terrain may all provide challenges.
  • Which equipment and equipments are most frequently used by landscape workers? Depending on the size of the job, they frequently utilize lawn mowers, trimmers, pruners, shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, watering systems, and even large equipment like tractors or tillers.
  • What are the prospects for landscape workers to advance in their careers? Professionals with experience in landscaping might go on to become supervisors, work as horticulturists or designers, launch their own companies, or focus on particular aspects of landscape upkeep.
  • How would you advise someone who wants to work as a landscape worker? Get hands-on landscaping experience, learn about maintaining and caring for plants, build up your physical stamina, and pursue instruction in the use of landscaping tools and equipment.