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Arizona University: Apply For Lumberjack Scholarship

Arizona University has announced its fully funded scholarship dubbed the Lumberjack Scholarship.

The scholarship was basically designed for Arizona residents who have faced financial challenges to pursue their studies at Arizona University.

Guess what? The scholarship has little to no eligibility and criteria, every average student who lives within Arizona can apply for it.

Please also note that there are many criteria apart from being an Arizona resident, do make sure you possess all the criteria before going to apply.

You are advised to read this post carefully to avoid making a mistake while filling out your scholarship form, remember, mistakes might get you rejected by the management of the Lumberjack Scholarship program.

Scholarship Lumberjack Scholarship
Discipline Any educational field
Requirements Cumulative 2.0 NAU GPA
Contact [email protected]
Address PO Box: 4108

Flagstaff, AZ 86011

Application Submitting the application online

Lumberjack Scholarship Deadline

Knowing important dates like scholarship deadlines will help you to scale your academic plan.

The deadline for the Lumberjack Scholarship is May 1, the recipient of the scholarship will be awarded to Northern Arizona University.

Applicants are expected to score not lower than “B” in any selected given course.

Here are some reasons why you should apply as early as possible

  • Less competition; the lower the pool the higher the chances of getting your application to the desk of the management early, and you are more likely to get accepted if you do it well.
  • More Preparation Time; While the scholarships can be time-consuming, it’s important to know it early so you will have enough time to prepare your submission well.
  • More Time To Focus On Studies; Immediately after submitting your scholarship application you can continue your studies without pressuring yourself about anything else.

Lumberjack Scholarship rules

Just like any other academic scholarship, Lumberjack has its own rules too, the awards will only be given to the freshmen who have.

  • Citizenship; students must be from the United States and a resident of Arizona University, note that you must meet the Proposition 300 Public Program eligibility requirements.
  • First Degree; The scholarship will be granted to only those who want to pursue first-degree
  • Enrollment; Be available at the time of disbursement.
  • Campus; Students must be willing to attend the campus, Flagstaff Mountain campus when needed.
  • Maintain cumulative 2.0 NAU GPA

The Lumberjack Scholarship GPA

The Lumberjack Scholarship at Northern Arizona University requires a minimum unweighted core high school GPA of 3.5, with no letter grade lower than “B” in any of the required core courses.

Please also note that big universities like Northern Arizona usually receive a high amount of applications, meaning it’s very competitive.

So the number of students who will be awarded may be small compared to the total number of applicants, please consider applying early.

How To Apply For Lumberjack Scholarship?

The Lumberjack Scholarship at Northern Arizona University is $8,000 per academic year (fall and spring).

The Lumberjack Scholarship are grouped in to these categories

  • Freshman student
  • Graduate student
  • Traditional Online student
  • Personalized Online
  • Non-degree-seeking student
  • Transfer student
  • Military and Veterans
  • Gateway Advising prioritizes student success

Please identify your desired category and apply for the scholarship through this link.

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