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How To Apply For ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships

Have you heard about ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships? It’s for Predoctoral Dental Students Pursuing Academic Careers.

ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships will reward each recipient with $5,500 to support students and acknowledge their firm commitment to becoming dental educators.

The Award will be paid to the student’s college account on his behalf and the reward can be used to cover tuition fees, books, and supplies.

You are expected to use the reward for academic purposes only, remember, the reward is available for only two dental students each year.

ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship Overview 

The ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships for Predoctoral Dental Students Pursuing Academic Careers, offered by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and the Procter & Gamble Company, are awarded annually to two dental students. 


Scholarship  ADEA/Crest 

Oral-B Scholarship

Discipline  Predoctoral Dental Students
Award  $5,500
Contact  [email protected]
Application  Submit Online 

ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship Important Dates

Each scholarship has its own important dates, these dates represent when a recipient is more likely to receive notification about the status of his application.

Recipients and applicants for the scholarships will receive notification regarding their application status by February 1, 2024. 

The award announcements will take place during the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition, scheduled for March 9–12, 2024, in New Orleans, LA.

ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship Criteria 

Each recipient is granted a scholarship of $5,500. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a predoctoral program at an ADEA Member Institution, express an interest in advanced education, exhibit dedication to a future academic career in dental education, and hold an ADEA Individual Membership.

You may be eligible for the ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship if you have the criteria we mentioned above.

Application Process 

To apply for the ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship, refer to the official website of the ADEA/Crest Oral-B.

Fill out the application form and submit all the required information.

Kindly note that the ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarship doesn’t guarantee an application to any recipient.

They reserve the right to select a qualifying candidate based on the criteria, rules, and requirements.

If you aren’t among the winners, we suggest trying out other scholarship applications.


Have any questions or need further information? don’t hesitate to reach out to the ADEA Office of Learning by sending an email to [email protected]. They are happy to serve dedicated people like you.

The ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships for Predoctoral Dental Students Pursuing Academic Careers represent a golden opportunity for those passionate about dental education.

 If you’re dedicated to shaping the future of dentistry and education, this scholarship could be the stepping stone to a rewarding academic career. 

Apply today and turn your aspirations into reality!

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