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How To Apply For Straight ‘A’ Scholarship 

 Do you want to apply for the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship? Let’s discuss something important before we proceed.

Financial constraints are one of the major reasons why higher school seniors can’t move their academic journey to the next step. 

A recent research conducted by Scholarship Owl shows that 92% of higher school students are concerned they won’t have enough money to pursue their studies, over 9,300 people were surveyed in the research.

This shows how terrible people are finding it to pay for the school fees, books, and supplies, but what’s the solution?

Although there is no permanent solution to free education for general, there is still hope and a solution for some percentage of people.

The solution is to consider applying for the scholarship programs.

About Straight ‘A’ Scholarship

Straight ‘A’ Scholarship awards inspiring higher school students with the ambition of pursuing their academic excellence.

It was established to reward humble students who are ready to bring positive changes to their communities with financial aid to sponsor their academic expenses.

Scholarship  Straight ‘A’ Scho+1-513-772-4900larship
Discipline  Selected educational field 
Requirements Minimum of a 3.0 grade point
Contact  +1-513-772-4900
Address  8919 Rossash Rd, 

Cincinnati, OH 45236, 

United States

Application  Submitting the application online 


Straight ‘A’ Scholarship Scholarship Deadline 

Straight ‘A’ Scholarship has its own deadline, you are expected to complete your application before the date.

People who are willing to be considered should complete their application by submitting the required information as quickly as possible.

Entries will be closed after the deadline and applications will no longer be considered valid.

The Straight ‘A’ Scholarship is currently not announced, and all applications will go under review if submitted, however, Straight ‘A’ reserves the right to pause their application whenever they want to.

Straight ‘A’ Scholarship Criteria And Rules

The Straight ‘A’ Scholarship has little to no criteria, all higher school seniors with a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average can be recognized.

However, it’s also worth noting that that being eligible to be recognized will not get you rewarded, only the selected senior nominees will be awarded.

Both males and females are eligible for the recognition, you can check the winners on the official Straight ‘A’ Scholarship website.

How To Apply For The Straight ‘A’ Scholarship?

To apply for the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship you need to follow the simple steps below.

  • Follow the application page via this link
  • Now complete your application by providing
  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Your Higher school certificate

You are advised to use your valid email address when filling out the form, you will be contacted by the management of the Straight ‘A’ Scholarship via it.

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