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Tiger Manager – Apply For University Transfer Scholarship

Transferring from one college to another may be stressful, but the Tiger Manager scholarship is here to set you free.

Think of how rewarding it will feel to get acceptance letters along with financial assistance offers! With determination, you can secure funding to supplement your education at your new university.

The Tiger Manager transfer scholarship is basically for students who have a desire to move from their current academic institutions to another, regardless of their transfer reason.

Students will get access to financial aid that will help them during their college transfer process.

Applicants should note that the transfer scholarship may be limited compared to the regular undergraduate scholarship

The applicant will be enrolled in the transfer scholarship institution he applied to.

Key Information Of Tiger Manager – Transfer University Scholarships 

Here is all you need to know about Tiger Manager – Transfer University Scholarships.

1 Key information Value Source
2 Type Transfer scholarship 1
3 Amount $3,000 per year ($1,500 per semester) for the remaining terms that would equal eight semesters or four years.
4 Eligibility Transfer students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and at least 60 transferable credit hours. Must be enrolled full-time at the University of Memphis.
5 Deadline April 1st for fall awards and December 1st for spring awards.

Award Benefit 

This scholarship offers valuable benefits to its eligible recipients who are interested in moving to the University of Memphis.

The award includes $3,000 per year ($1,500 per semester) for the remaining terms which would equal eight semesters or four years.

Tiger Manager – Transfer University Scholarship is very competitive and the reward will strictly depend on the available funds.


This is one of the most important steps of every scholarship application.

Every application is being reviewed by the scholarship committee. They reserve the right to reject any application that doesn’t meet the requirements.

That’s why applicants should strive and make sure they meet all the criteria before rushing to the application process.

  • Applicant must hold at least 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Students must be willing to study in the United States and The University of Memphis.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in any university or college and have an interest to transfer to The University of Memphis
  • You may be required to upload the following documents.
    • High School Transcript
    • College Transcript 


Applying for the scholarship application is hard, but staying organized and meeting deadlines will serve you well.

Submissions of the application will be closed by default when the deadline is over.

The current deadline for the Tiger Manager University Transfer Scholarship is 01/05/2024, all applications are expected to be submitted prior to the deadline.

Early submission may increase the chances of being considered as a valid applicant.

How To Apply For Tiger Manager University Transfer Scholarship? 

Here is the application process to apply for the transfer scholarship through the Tiger Manager program.

  • Refer to the scholarship program page.
  • Prepare to provide these information
    • You are planning to enroll starting:
    • Please indicate your high school graduation year:
    • Please select the University/College you are currently enrolled.
    • Your Name
    • Email Address
    • High School Transcript
    • Current college transcript

Students must be fully admitted to the university by the application deadline.

Eligible applicants will receive a response via email or phone number to complete their application process and get admitted.

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