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How To Apply For Children Of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship

The University of Massachusetts Lowell also known as UML has unveiled a new scholarship dubbed Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship.

It was introduced in an effort to help children of the public safety officer who died on a service to help them with financial support.

The Children of Fallen Heroes UML scholarship will provide financial support to sponsor the studies of the children whose parents died during a service.

While the scholarship may be fully funded, the amount may vary by the academic year respectively.

Please pay attention to the criteria and requirements we mentioned in this content and make sure you are eligible before applying for this scholarship program.

Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship Key Info

Here are the summary highlights of the key information to the Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship program.

Scholarship     Children Of

     Fallen Heroes 

   UML Scholarship

Criteria     Pell Eligible
Award      Fully funded 
Contact  +1 978-934-4679
Application    Submitting       documentations

With a Cover Letter to their 



Children of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship Deadline 

Unlike many scholarship programs, the Children of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship doesn’t have any deadline.

This is attributed to the fact that you can submit your required documentation whenever you are ready as long as you are eligible.

You are advised to prepare your strong submission will all the required documents or materials so you won’t get rejected by the scholarship committee.

Children of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship Criteria 

Kindly note that you need to meet the criteria set by the committee of the Children of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship for your application to be considered valid.

  • Pell Eligible; students must be Pell Eligible and have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.
  • Parent Or Guardian Died; your parents or guardian must be someone who died in a public safety service.
  • Under the age of 24; A beneficiary must be under the age of 24, alternatively.
  • Applications must be submitted with proper documentation.

You also need to submit one of the following documentation.

  • Documentation of the student qualifying for a state tuition or other state benefit accorded to the children
  • A letter acknowledging eligibility for certain federal benefits under the Public Safety Officers Benefit (PSOB)
  • Documentation from a credible source that describes or reports the circumstances of the death
  • A letter of attestation or determination made by a state or local government official

Kindly note that applications that are submitted without the proper documentation will be disqualified by the scholarship committee.

The most exciting part is that the scholarship is renewable as long as the student is Pell-eligible.

Students who possess the criteria we mentioned can proceed to the next step.

How To Apply For The Children Of Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship?

To apply for the Fallen Heroes UML Scholarship you need to submit your documentation with a cover letter to the official email address of the scholarship.

[email protected] 

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