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How To Apply For UML Scholarship

Do you want to know how to apply for the UML Scholarship? You are in the right place keep reading.

What if say Scholarship is the reason why many financially struggling students pursue their studies? Will you believe it?

Well, scholarships provide resources and opportunities to financially challenged students who have an interest in pursuing their studies.

A recent study by Researchgate indicates the impact of scholarships on students’ performance.

Students who are admitted into universities with scholarships are more likely to graduate earlier due to reduced pressure of financial burden.

It takes away the fear of being limited by financial constraints and provides free access to students who are willing to enhance their educational experience.

UML Scholarship Key Information 

Here is the key information for the UML Scholarship.

Scholarship  UML Scholarship
Discipline  Selected Educational


Requirements  Over 500 

Internal scholarships

Contact  [email protected]
Apply  Application Online 

About UML Scholarship

UMass Lowell is a national research university committed to preparing students for work in the real world, solving real problems, and helping real people by providing an affordable, high-quality education.

Types Of UML Scholarship

UML Scholarships of different kinds, here are the available categories that you need to know.

  • Merit-based scholarships; this type of scholarship is specifically designed to reward students according to their performance, this may be due to their high school GPA or class rank.
  • Need-based Scholarship; The Need-based Scholarship targets low-income students and helps them to alleviate their financial constraints.
  • Diversity scholarship is a type of scholarship that rewards underrepresented groups such as people with disabilities and first-generation college.
  • Departmental Scholarship; The studies of the particular field of study matters too, that’s why departmental Scholarship is here to assist.
  • Alumni scholarships; is an internal scholarship that rewards only the family of the UMass Lowell alumni.

It’s very important to understand these categories and select the one that best fits you.

Choosing the wrong category without the required criteria will get you disqualified, make sure to go for the one you have the allying criteria.

UML Scholarship Award

Students are deeply concerned with the amount of the scholarship award that’s why they often check it before applying.

While you may be eager to know about the UML Scholarship Award, I’m sorry to tell you that that scholarship award is based on available funding each year.

It’s also worth noting that, The UML Scholarship does not use applications for the selection of most merit scholarships.

UML Scholarship Application Process 

The scholarship application process is different for any category, you are advised to follow and select your desired category and then apply for it.

Undergraduate; This is basically for only undergraduate students who want to pursue University.

Follow the scholarship page to apply for the UML Fallen Heroes Scholarship.

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