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How To Apply For Theresa A. Mike Scholarship

Theresa A. Mike is offering an exciting scholarship opportunity for the 2024/2025 academic year, please pay attention to this page to learn more about the criteria.

The soaring cost of higher education has become a significant problem that has stopped many from making their next step. It’s no longer funny seeing many people lose hope to pursue their studies.

While financially challenged people are struggling to gain admission into universities and colleges, some existing students are dropping out of school due to financial burdens too.

On the other hand, scholarships serve as a lifeline to these circumstances allowing students to study their favourite course without paying a dime.

Theresa A. Mike Key Info

Here is the key information concerning the Theresa A. Mike scholarship program.


Scholarship Theresa A. Mike


Discipline  Selected Educational


Award Not Announced 
Contact  [email protected]
Application  Submitting Application


About Theresa A. Mike Scholarship

Theresa A. Mike was half Coast Salish of the Lummi Nation, in Bellingham, Washington, and half Chemehuevi, from the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, in Coachella, California.

According to Theresa A. Mike, the scholarship was organized in an effort to appreciate young adults who have a passion for bringing changes to their communities through education.

Theresa A. Mike Scholarship Process 

While you may be eager to apply for the scholarship as early as possible, I’m sorry to say that Theresa A. Mike is not accepting applications currently.

However, applications for 2024/2025 will be opened on JANUARY 30, 2024, and the application will start going under review immediately.

Set a reminder in your calendar, come back to this page, and collect the application link on JANUARY 30, 2024, so you will be among the first people to submit their applications.

Here is why you should consider applying for the Theresa A. Mike Scholarship.

  • First Pool; if you were reading this article on the day I wrote it then you already knew about the scholarship before the opening of the application, marking the date and applying early may increase your chances of passing the review
  • Low Competition; First applicants will not go through high competition, this can increase the chances of being selected by the management of the scholarship.
  • Early Notification; first applicants are more likely to receive early notifications, providing more time to plan their academic activities.

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